DER Kitchen

DER Kitchen

DER Kitchen is a commercial kitchen for rent on an hourly basis located in the 2500 block of Main Street. DER Kitchen provides bakers, food truck operators and caterers a pay-by-the-hour base of operations without the need to build and equip a commercial kitchen.

In South Carolina, all food cart, food truck operators and caterers are required by the Department of Health and Environmental Control to have a commercial kitchen for a basis of operations.

DER KItchen is an SCDHEC approved/inspected commercial kitchen. The kitchen has its own Food Establishment permit.

The creation of DER Kitchen is an interesting story. David had been traveling and noticed the surge in popularity of various types of street food. As he investigated the street food scene in Columbia, he found that we only had hot dog stands. This was the inspiration for the creation of DER Tacos, a proposed taca cart for Main Street downtown Columbia.

During the year and a half that became locally labeled the "Taco Wars" (see more...), David began receiving inquiries from other food entrepreneurs about renting his kitchen when he was not preparing tacos. That's how the DER Kitchen idea was born.

After further investigation, DER learned that other states and cities had commissary or incubator kitchens. Based on that research, DER planned an extensive commercial kitchen divided into three unique areas that can be rented individually, combined or entirely by one or more groups simultaneously.

You are invited to explore this website, learn more on Getting Started, The Facility, our Pricing Guidelines, process to Sign Up, and Helpful Links regarding starting a business or explore current users or use the Contact Form to easily send an inquiry.

David Roberts, private consultant and food entrepreneur, is accepting applications for renting the kitchen or part of the kitchen by the hour. Please contact him at (803) 779-3003 or for more information.

David Roberts is also a licensed private investigator specializing in accident reconstruction. See the DER Consulting web site for more details.